CREW Iowa Member Spotlight - Amy Welcher

January 24, 2019

Amy Welcher

Acquisitions Consultant

Where you work
Principal Real Estate Investors


Years with current company

Years in real estate

Essential business philosophy
Work hard, play hard

Word/phrase that best describes you

Definition of leadership
It’s a pendulum, when you get to the top you still have the obligation to reach down and pull someone else up. (compliments of Amy Wienands, a Cedar Falls Valley realtor) Best way to keep a competitive edge Be engaged and never stop learning

Goal yet to be achieved
Leaving my handprint in wet cement

Characteristics most admired in others
Honesty and humor

Most important business lesson learned
The real estate market cycles

Most respected competitor
My 6-year old daughter, Grace

Idea of perfect happiness
Anywhere near a body of water with family and friends. Coffee in the morning, lunch with a few laughs and cocktails at night!

Favorite causes
Children’s Cancer Connection. Paying it forward, no matter how big or small.

Favorite quote
“There is always, always, something to be thankful for.”

Favorite restaurant

Pet peeve
When the toilet paper roll is put on going the wrong way.

Most influential book
Tuesday’s with Morrie (and I love a good podcast)

Something we might not know about you
I have a backwards “7” scar on my forehead as a result of a Virgin Mary statue that fell on my head during an intense game of tag when I was in Kindergarten.