CREW Iowa Member Spotlight - Carrie Woerdeman

March 31, 2019

Carrie Woerdeman

Vice President of Operations

Where you work
T&L Properties, LLC


Years with current company

Years in real estate

Areas of Expertise
Operations, multifamily housing, affordable housing

Essential business philosophy
Don’t be afraid of change!

Word/phrase that best describes you

Definition of leadership
The ability to inspire a diverse team of individuals to passionately work toward a common goal.

Best way to keep a competitive edge
Seek constant improvement. Whether it’s self-improvement or process improvement, never settle for how something has always been or been done.

Yardstick of success
Becoming someone my children and future grandchildren will be proud of.

Characteristics most admired in others
Integrity, honesty, work ethic

Most important business lesson learned
Don’t burn bridges and never get comfortable.

Most influential book
Who Moved My Cheese – an oldie but a goodie!

Idea of perfect happiness
A little cabin in the woods surrounded by people I love with plenty of lakes and trails to explore.

First choice for a new career
I hope my retirement includes ski instructing and owning a coffee shop/bakery.

Favorite restaurant
Vina – a Vietnamese restaurant in the Twin Cities

Pet peeve
Giving up before giving something true effort.