CREW Iowa Member Spotlight - Amy Campero

June 3, 2019

Amy Campero

Senior Operations Manager

Where you work
Principal Real Estate Investors


Years with current company
18 years

Years in real estate
13 years

Areas of Expertise
Asset Management – Equities Operations

Essential business philosophy
Change is good. It’s also often hard. But to succeed in business, you must run towards it.

Yardstick of success:
Becoming the person people go to when they don’t know the answer to something.

Definition of leadership
Hiring great people and helping them achieve their very best.

Most important business lesson learned
A company is only as good as its people, and I have been lucky enough to work with some really great ones!

First choice for a new career
Testing new products for Apple. I am a tech geek at heart.

Word that best describes you

Characteristics most admired in others
People that work hard, but also know how to play hard.

Three greatest passions
Family, Friends and New York Yankee Baseball.

Person most interested in meeting
Derek Jeter

Most Influential Book
Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Idea of perfect happiness
Having everyone around me happy and healthy and with no worries.

Favorite status symbol
Being a mom to two amazing kiddos!

Favorite way to spend free time
Free time? What is that? #momlife #dancemom #soccermom

Something we might not know about you
After I graduated college, I sold cars at Dan Deery Motors in Cedar Falls.

Pet Peeve
People who drive slow in the fast lane!