A Humorous Survival Guide to Mental Health

Date September 12, 2019
Location Windsor Heights Community Center
6900 School Street
Windsor Heights, IA 50324
Time 11:30AM - 1:00PM
2019-09-12 11:30:00 2019-09-12 13:00:00 CREW Iowa September 12th Luncheon 11:30am-1:00pm A Humorous Survival Guide to Mental Health Windsor Heights Community Center
6900 School Street
Windsor Heights, IA 50324

Please join us for an open and honest discussion on mental health. Sarah Noll Wilson, an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Transformer of Teams, Researcher, and Soon-to-be-Author, passionate about helping leaders positively and powerfully impacting those around them will be our guest speaker.

At 32, Sarah was diagnosed with Panic Disorder, and at 36, ADHD. Both of these personal experiences led her through a transformative (and difficult) journey into understanding mental health from a biological perspective, discovering how mental health challenges impact our lives, and realizing how we as a society aren’t equipped for supporting ourselves or others peoples' challenges with mental health. This journey of self-discovery, resilience, and compassion created an evolution explosion in how she approaches self-care and advocates for others to do the same.

This inspiring, informative, and humorous look at mental health is grounded in science, human behavioral studies, personal experiences, and powerful lessons from others who learned to manage their mental health challenges.

Together we will explore:

  1. Difference between anxiety/panic and stress
  2. Neuroscience that causes these challenges
  3. The challenges panic/anxiety can cause at home and at work
  4. How to support someone with anxiety/panic
  5. Tips to manage your own anxiety

Buffet lunch will be provided.

Price for tickets at door will be $25 for CREW Members and $30 for Non-Members. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee lunch will be included if ticket is purchased at the door.


Thank you to our sponsor, Principal!

You can learn more about Sarah Noll Wilson at https://sarahnollwilson.com/. Disclosure: Sarah is not a trained mental health professional and cannot provide any consultative advice.