Elevate Your Engagement

Date November 10, 2020
Location Online Event
Time 11:30AM-1PM
2020-11-10 11:30:00 2020-11-10 13:00:00 CREW Iowa November 10th Virtual Luncheon 11:30am-1pm Elevate Your Engagement Online Event -event@crewnetwork.org

Elevate Your Engagement: Leading the Five Types of People Remotely and On-Site

Have you ever wanted to scream, “Why don’t people just do their job?” You are not alone. According to the Gallup Poll, only 35% of US employees self-report being actively engaged and committed to their work and workplace. Fifty-two percent report being passively disengaged and a terrifying 13% admitting to being actively disengaged and trying to cause problems.

Utilizing a one size fits all leadership strategy whether on-site or remotely, leads to troubling situations, burnout and employee turnover. Understanding how the Five Types of People are wired will enhance your leadership and your relationships as you better understand yourself and others.

You will learn to:

  • Effectively lead High Flyers, Steady Gliders, Lackers, Slackers and Hackers
  • Hold team members accountable for tasks and behaviors
  • Halt disruptive behaviors before they destroy morale
  • Protect your highest performers from burning out

Dr. Sherene McHenry, The People IQ Expert™, is a former graduate professor turned full time speaker and author. Long a keen observer of people and relationships. Sherene offered her first, albeit unsolicited, marriage advice before she could drive. It's little wonder she was motivated to earn a Ph.D. in Counseling from the University of Wyoming in 1993.

Several things became crystal clear throughout Sherene's career: 1. People are complex. 2. The better individuals understand themselves and others, the easier it is to successfully navigate life, leadership and relationships. 3. Caring, hard working professionals are at extremely high risk for burnout.

Authentic, quick-witted and highly engaging, Sherene keynotes for professional, business and academic organizations where she empowers, equips and inspires individuals and organizations to immediately begin to act and think differently. She has spoken on three continents and extensively throughout the United States.

Sherene is the author of Navigate: Understanding the Five Types of People, Pick: Choose to Create a Life You Love, and Seven Ways To Get Your Team Fully Empowered and Engaged Guidebook. She also addresses leadership and workplace issues as a magazine columnist and has been cited in numerous publications including Speaker Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Sherene is a member of the National Speakers Association and past president of the Michigan National Speakers Association.


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