Small Group Gatherins Benefitting CREW Network Foundation

Date March 23 - April 6, 2023
Location TBD
Time TBD

CREW Iowa 2023 Foundation Chairs Kristin Blackman and Carrie Woerdeman have partnered with CREW Iowa presidents past, present, and future as well as current and former board members to bring a series of fun and impactful events to our membership.

Descriptions of each small group gathering opportunity, including date, time, cost, and location, can be found under the individual tickets within registration. $10 from the cost of each ticket sold will be donated to CREW Network Foundation to help us meet the 2023 Trifecta Challenge. The Trifecta Challenge consists of a $1,000 donation by the chapter, 100% board member donation, and 50% member donation.

Events include:

3/23/23 – Beer and Bunco hosted by Karie Kading Ramsey
3/28/23 – Floral Arranging Made Easy hosted by Melissa Wiechman and Susan Pfeil
3/28/23 – The Smoke-Filled Back Room hosted by Luke Mohlenhoff
3/29/23 – Wreath Making at Rose Farm hosted by Kristin Maletta and Tania Bowman
3/30/23 – Make and Take Freezer Meals hosted by Carrie Woerdeman
3/30/23 – Capitolized (Iowa State Capitol Tour + Happy Hour) hosted by Michele Stevens and Jackie Nickolaus
4/3/23 – Paws and Pints Meet-Up hosted by Siobhan Harman
4/4/23 – Development Lunch and Learn hosted by Siobhan Harman and Jackie Nickolaus
4/5/23 – Candle Bar Happy Hour hosted by Jennifer Schumann and Mary Katherine Nelson
4/5/23 – Pub Trivia hosted by Kristin Maletta and Carrie Woerdeman
4/6/23 – Ricochet Happy Hour hosted by Kristin Blackman and Jackie Johansen
4/6/23 – Yoga and Champagne hosted by Kristina Marshall and Madeline O’Donnell

Established in 1998, CREW Network Foundation is the only organization dedicating its resources solely towards transforming the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally. Donations to CREW Network Foundation support college scholarships, industry research, and career outreach efforts.

Thank you to our incredible CREW Iowa leadership for hosting these exciting events!